Wonder Wet Records

Founded in Rome in 2010 by the duo known as Altarboy (Attilio Tucci and Sergio Picciaredda), Wonder Wet Records is a record label, publishing house and recording studio with a great attitude and experience in producing and supporting quality independent music internationally.

Wonder Wet, through its services and its network, invests time and work in carrying out good and innovative ideas or projects made by talented people very motivated to say something in the music industry that supports the mission of the label.

Don’t waste time sending out demos if you’re an artist, a DJ or a band who does three jobs in a lifetime or thinks they are at the end of the road because they play twice a year in the bar next door.

Wonder Wet doesn’t think it’s cool to be underground, they don’t accept useless stereotypes, false myths, unlikely nostalgia or seemingly romantic stories that hide squalid truths.